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How to Have an Affair : Your Guide To Having Illicit Encounters & Not Getting Caught!

Everyone has a “type” – that man or woman you dream about hooking up with. This is true even for those of us married folks that have horrible sex lives at home or a bitchy spouse. Having an affair should allow you to act out a fantasy.

It’s not 2000 anymore. The early days of online dating are long gone. Sure, you’ll still find some of the most desperate people online. But most of those are on traditional dating sites or traditional hookup sites. Married online dating is VERY different. Married people know to use the Internet when looking for an affair partner because it’s safer.

Think about it…you can’t just go out with your friends to a bar looking for sex. It’s hard to keep that from your spouse. You have to do this discreetly. That’s why we recommend using affair dating sites. But not just any affair dating site. In our guide for married affairs we discuss the sites you should have no part of. We’ll provide you with a list of affair dating sites that are risky and sites that are safe for married daters.

What This Affair Guide Means to You: Filling a Void in Your Life Left By Your Ungrateful Spouse

Doesn’t it suck knowing your spouse is unable to fulfill your sexual fantasies? We know how you feel. The reason we created this website was to share our experiences with married dating. We are married men and women that have been through what you’re going through.

We know how to have an affair with the RIGHT affair partner AND get away with it. And we’re going to teach you EVERYTHING we know about…

  • The ins and outs of affair dating sites (good and bad sites)
  • Online dating scams you MUST avoid (and how to)
  • Spotting the PERFECT affair partner for you (the one you’ve always fantasized about)
  • Turning online conversations into offline hookups
  • Turning one-time hookups into a steady booty call

This website is your one-stop shop for EVERYTHING affair dating. We have all the advice you need on where to meet affair partners, how to meet them, and how to avoid getting caught by your spouse. And here’s what you’re going to have to pay for all of this information….